Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are Compass Hours of Operation during the Academic Term? 

A: During the academic term, Compass is open Monday - Thursday from 8:00am - 8:0pm. Friday from 8.00am - 6.00pm and Saturday from 11:00am - 3:00pm 

Q: What methods of payment does Compass accept? 

A: We accept cash, debit, VISA, MasterCard and American Express as payment options, as well as purchases via MSU Purchase Order and University account billing. Compass does NOT accept bills over $50 or student cards. We also accept foreign currency (VISA, Debit, MasterCard, NOT CASH).  

Q: Does Compass give refunds? 

A: We only give refunds where applicable, and only with receipt of purchase. 

Q: Does Compass offer cash back?

A: Compass does not offer cash back.

Q: Why should I purchase from Compass? A: Commission generated from sales is put back into services YOUR Student Union offers you.

Q: Does Compass give out band-aids?

A: No, Compass does not give out band-aids or other first aid items. However, you may visit the EFRT office beside the Compass desk, but they usually are unable to give out band-aids without doing a full check-up. Aside from EFRT, you can purchase band-aids from the pharmacy.

Q: Can I pay for GO Transit on the bus?

A: Yes, you can pay for GO Transit on the bus, however they require exact change. 

Q: How do I purchase GO Adult/Student monthly pass?

A: You have the option to purchase and load a PRESTO card to use as a monthly pass. With the built-in loyalty program. If you take the same GO trip each time you travel within a calendar month, your GO fare will be 95% off the single adult GO fare for students (PRESTO card must be set with a student classification to receive the discount), and 87.5% for adults after 30 rides, and free after 40 rides in a calendar month.

Q: Do I need a special Go student ID card to verify my student discount on my Presto card?

A: GO Transit accepts identification cards that are issued to McMaster University full time graduate and undergraduate students only if they present a valid Hamilton Street Railway McMaster bus pass and the corresponding student card.

Remember the student discount expires on 31st October every year.Ensure you come back to Compass with your student card and HSR/MSU bus card to renew this discount yearly.

Q: Do Presto cards expire? A: No, Presto cards do not expire, neither does the money loaded into it. However, you can not get the money back after it has been loaded into the card. There is no money back or cash back option with Presto cards.
Q: Is there another way, asides my student card to prove I am a full time undergrad student at Mac? A: Yes. If you log into Mosaic, you can go to 'student center' and print out your enrollment report that states your status as a student at Mac. it will say if you are a full time or part time student.

Q: How long does my HSR/MSU bus card last for?

A: The undergraduate HSR/MSU bus card is valid for the duration of the year. It will be valid, beginning this year, from September 1st until August 31st next year.


Q: Where do I go to rent a locker?

A: You can rent a locker from the Campus Store beginning August 15th. Be sure to note the rental start and clean out date. If you are looking for a locker in the Athletic Centre you must rent from the David Bradley Athletic Center (DBAC).

Q: Where do I go if I lost my student card?

A: Lost student cards are turned in to the Office of the Registrar. It's located in Gilmour Hall Room 108. To get to Gilmour Hall from Compass, go up the ramp and through the doors to the left. Otherwise, some lost cards may have been put in the lost and found box. Contact campus security at ext 24281 to check the lost and found inventory.

Q: How can I opt-out of the health/dental plan?

A: Under-graduate students can opt-out of their plans at http://wespeakstudent.ca/microsite/?id=53. They require the policy number of your current plan to be able to opt out of the McMaster one. Opt out ends on September 30th.

Graduate students can go to http://www.ihaveaplan.ca/ to opt out.

Q: Where is lost and found?

A:  The main lost and found is located in the E.T. Clarke Center with Campus Security. For lost items, a form must be filled out on http://security.mcmaster.ca. For found items, a secure lock box has been installed beside the MUSC elevator in the Marketplace for drop off.  Full details are provided on the bulletin board above the lock box.

Q: Where is CIBC Hall?

A: CIBC Hall is located on the third floor of MUSC. Take the elevator/stairs up to the third floor.  After exiting, take the first (and only) corridor to the right. CIBC Hall is on the left hand side.

Q: Where can I buy a parking pass/pay for parking

A: Parking services is located in the E.T. Clarke center with security. They also have a service desk in the Campus Bookstore to purchase parking passes. One-time parking can be paid at the kiosks located in all of the parking lots outside.

Q: Where is the GO Transit terminal located?

A: The GO Transit terminal is located beside the Mary Keyes residence building. To get there, exit at the doors beside Starbucks (MUSC). As soon as you exit the doors, turn right. Walk straight down the road to the very end, look for the E.T. Clarke Centre on your left hand side, it has a big smoke stack on the side of the building. The transit terminal is behind the E.T. Clarke Centre.

Q: Where can I get a parking pass?

A: You can get a parking pass from the Parking and Security office located in the E.T. Clarke Centre or from their new service desk inside the campus bookstore. Payment for hourly parking is done at the vending machine at the corresponding lot.

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