Selling Tickets at Compass

How do I...

Sell tickets through Compass?

Advertise my events using Compass displays?

Display information pamphlets for my club/group?


Why should I sell my tickets through Compass?

Compass Information Centre can be a real asset to you in both promoting and selling tickets for events that you host throughout the year! As a service of the MSU, we not only sell your tickets, we offer you tremendous advertising and promotional services at no extra cost!

  • Sell your tickets through us and we will advertise your event  on our main bulletin board at the desk, our LCD display screen and Ipads (located in the student centre), our frequently-visited website, and more!
  • COMPASS is located in MUSC which is central and familiar to students, staff and faculty. Please note that Tables in MUSC are not permitted to be used for ticket sales
  • COMPASS hours of operation are 8am-8:00pm M-F and 11am-3pm Sat which means students are given various different opportunities to come and purchase tickets at their convenience (Academic term). Summer and Exam hours vary.
  • COMPASS accepts cash, debit, credit (VISA, M/C & Amex) so you can rest assured that your money is safe!
  • COMPASS does all the work so you don’t have to and at a minimal admin cost from overall ticket sales*

*Administrative cost will vary depending on whether you are an external vendor, MSU Club or service, University department, etc. The Administrative fee is directed back into the MSU for all services. Please contact one of the Internal Coordinators for more information


How do I start the process?

  1. Review our Contract and Regulations.

  2. Fill out the proper information on the ticket contract.

  3. Contact the Compass Internal Coordinators to set up a meeting to go over the ticket contract, drop off the tickets, and review advertising information.

  4. If you are working on a constrained timeframe, please bring the following to the meeting:

  • Completed ticket contract

  • Tickets bundled in groups of 10

  • An  8 1/2 x11" poster for display on our bulletin board

  • A detailed FAQ sheet on your event

  • Email a copy of your club’s logo or the event poster if you have one (image file, PDF, or powerpoint slide) as well as an electronic version of your FAQ sheet


How do I advertise my event at Compass?

When you choose to sell your tickets through Compass, we also advertise your event. Compass is centrally located on campus and is able to effectively reach the student population through our bulletin board displays, interactive LCD screen and Ipad screens, numerous whiteboards, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff!

When you sell tickets through Compass, we will also post updates to our Facebook page, Twitter account, our website, MSU and Compass calendar, and other student forums (MacInsiders) to ensure that your event is well advertised and to help maximize your sales! 

If you are not selling tickets through Compass, please visit our "Advertising Through Compass" page to learn how you can advertise through us!


How do I display pamphlets or brochures at Compass?

Compass can display pamphlets and/or brochures on our display racks surrounding the Compass desk. Please note that this is at the discretion of Compass management and is subject to space availability.

If you would like to display information pamphlets or brochures at Compass, please fill out a ticket contract with the appropriate information pertaining to your brochure/pamphlet and contact an Internal Coordinator to arrange a meeting.

Please note that Information for display must be approved prior to posting.

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