Compass is a ticket agent for Megabus, GO Transit, Greyhound, and Hamilton Street Railway (HSR).  Purchase your transit tickets directly from Compass.  Commission generated from the sale of tickets is re-invested in the services provided by the McMaster Students Union.
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www.megabus.com ; 1-866-488-4452

Compass sells reserved seats for Megabus. Reservations are valid for the date and time specified on the ticket. Tickets are final sale.

For Megabus schedules, click here

Where Do I Go To Catch Megabus?
If you are traveling Northbound, (Niag-StCath-MAC-Kit) you can catch the bus on the west side of Mary E. Keyes residence (off of Cootes Drive).

If you are traveling Southbound (Kit-MAC-StCath-Niag) stop at Main & Bowman ONLY.

Note: bus stop information for Megabus is subject to change, for the most recent information please check their website!

What are some Common Coach Canada/Megabus Destinations?
- Cambridge
- Kingston
- Kitchener
- Niagara Falls
- St. Catharines
- Waterloo

Please note: All Megabus tickets are final sale. No refunds or changes will be made. Please remember when you purchase a Megabus ticket, you are reserving a specific seat for a specific time. These reservations cannot be changed.

Effective April 30th for tavel dates on June 18th and onwards: Megabus will offer customers the option to select and reserve a specific seat on the coach bus. For customers who prefer the panoramic view of front seats, they can reserve them! Seat selection will initially be offered on a few Toronto/Montreal trips with plans to expand.

Please note, effective January 10, 2017, the following lines are reinstated: 




www.gotransit.com ; 1.888.GET ON GO (438-6646)

- Cost: $6.00
- Please remember, you must load a minimum of $10 to the card at the time of purchase to activate the card.
- For information on GO Transit's PRESTO card fares and travel systems, click here
- For information on registering your card, click here

Schedules and Tickets
Compass offers one-way, day pass, and group passes for GO Transit with discounts available for children, students, and seniors (with appropriate ID). We also have a variety of paper schedules and mini-timetables to help you plan your route. Please come by the Compass desk to pick up a schedule or check out the GO Transit website for more detailed information.

GO Transit ID Cards
To further encourage the use of public transit, the Office of Sustainability has worked with GO Transit to make the process of receiving a student discount as simple as possible. McMaster University graduate & undergraduate full-time students do not need to have a GO Student ID card in order to receive discounted GO Transit tickets. GO Transit accepts identification cards that are issued to McMaster University full time graduate and undergraduate students only if they present a valid Hamilton Street Railway McMaster bus pass and the corresponding student card.  

If you fit into any other category, please click HERE for detailed instructions on how to obtain a Go Transit Student ID card. 

Need to set a student concession on your PRESTO card?
Please follow the steps provided under Transportation FAQ's

Please note: GO Transit service changes are effective. The service change page and schedules are also available online at gotransit.com/schedulechanges.

Please note: GO bus service from Hamilton will now connect to Pearson airport. Starting Sept. 5, existing express bus trips on GO Bus Route 47J that run from Hamilton GO Centre to Square One, with stops in Oakville and Mississauga, will be extended to Terminal 1 in Pearson airport and the airport corporate centre at 5280 Solar Dr. Source: http://www.thespec.com/news-story/5805797-go-bus-service-from-hamilton-will-now-connect-to-pearson-airport/ 

No increase for short-distance trips

GO Transit is freezing fares for short-distance trips. This means there will not be an increase on adult single fares between $5.30 (the minimum GO fare) and $5.69 for a customer paying with a paper ticket. Fares for short-distance trips for children, students and seniors will also not increase. 

Increased discount for using PRESTO

PRESTO users will continue to pay less than paper ticket users. GO Transit is increasing the initial discount for using PRESTO. This means that PRESTO users will actually pay less for short-distance trips than they do currently because those fares will not increase.

For adults:

·  For rides 1 – 35, the discount will increase to 11.15% off the single adult paper ticket fare (up from the current 10% off)

·  For rides 36 – 40 and for rides 41+, the current discounts will remain the same

For students:

·  For rides 1-30, the discount will increase to 18.40% off the single adult paper ticket fare (up from the current 17.25% off)

·  For rides 31-40 and for rides 41+, the current discounts will remain the same

For children & seniors:

·  For rides 1 – 40, the discount will increase to 52.65% off the single adult paper ticket fare (up from the current 51.50% off)

·  For rides 41+, the current discount will remain the same 


www.greyhound.ca ; 1-800-661-TRIP (8747)

Where do I go to catch the Greyhound?

If you are traveling EASTBOUND (destination - Toronto and beyond) you will need to catch the bus in downtown Hamilton at the Hamilton GO Centre, which is at Hunter & James St. The buses that stop on campus will not take you directly to Toronto.

If you are traveling WESTBOUND (destination - London, Brantford, etc.) you can catch the bus on campus on the west side of the Mary E. Keyes residence (off of Cootes Drive). The stop for Greyhound is NOT located where the GO Transit pickup area is. It is in front of Mary Keyes right where the ramp and bridge are located at Cootes Drive.

What are some common Greyhound destinations?
- Barrie
- Brantford
- Chatham
- Belleville
- Ingersoll
- London
- Ottawa
- Paris
- Peterborough
- Sudbury
- Windsor
- Woodstock

Below are the necessary documents required for Greyhound Student Fare Boarding:

The following documents can be used to verify passenger student status:
- Valid International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
- Valid photo student ID from a Canadian or American secondary or post-secondary institution.

One of the following documents can be used in lieu of photo ID:
- An enrollment form and schedule of classes
- Any documentation verifying current enrollment

Please note, when you purchase a Greyhound ticket, you are reserving a specific seat for a specific time. You will be asked to fill out a sheet stating the date and time you would like to take your trip. You must also state if you'd like a refundable or non-refundable ticket (see below for details). Please remember that ticket refunds cannot be done if it is passed the date of the trip stated on the ticket.























www.hamilton.ca/HSR/ ; (905) 528-4200

Please note changes to HSR Timetable Dates & Holiday Service Levels for fall 2016 are effective September 6, 2016. Schedules are available online at https://www.hamilton.ca/hsr-bus-schedules-fares/schedule-routes-maps/pdf-bus-schedulesNew  HSR fare increase starts September 1, 2016. 

Ticket prices are as follows:

New cash fare after September 1, 2018: $3.00 (adult, student, senior).

New adult paper ticket or PRESTO fare after September 1, 2018: $2.40.

New monthly pass or PRESTO fare: $105.60

Prices for HSR items sold at Compass Information Centre:

- Strip of 5 adult tickets: $12.00

- Strip of 5 student tickets: $10.00

- Monthly adult pass: $105.60

- Day pass: $14.40

Day Pass:
This pass allows unlimited travel on all regular scheduled HSR routes for a maximum of six people* travelling together as a group. This pass is non-refundable.
Group options:
- TWO adults and up to FOUR youths/children 19 years of age or under
- ONE adult and up to FIVE youths/children 19 years of age or under.

PRESTO will work for adult ticket price, adult monthly pass, student ticket price, student monthly pass, and senior annual pass: Click here for more information!

For more information on HSR services click here!

U-Pass (Universal Bus Pass)
Note: The following information was retrieved here from the MSU website. See there also for FAQ about the new HSR pass.

How it works:
- Make sure you pick up the new MSU/HSR bus pass from the Campus store and put it in addition to your student card in the bi-fold card holder provided. The card should have the last 3 digits of your student number on it. Carry both cards with you at all times. Whenever you get on the bus, show it to the driver. You don’t have to worry about tickets or transfers or their expense.
- The cost of this special pass is $197.79, included in the supplementary fees you’re automatically charged by the University. By contrast, a single monthly pass on HSR costs $94.60, or $756.80 over the entire school year.

- Due to the nature of the agreement with HSR, it is not possible to issue refunds to students not requiring the bus pass. The passes are non-transferrable.  Any student caught buying or selling a pass, or using one fraudulently may be charged under the Criminal Code and Student Code of Conduct.

**If a bus pass is lost, one must first contact the HSR at 905-527-4441 / hsrserve@hamilton.ca, as well as McMaster Security Services 905-525-9140 ext. 27093 / security@mcmaster.ca, and inquire as to whether or not the pass was recovered. If not, please visit the Compass Information Centre in order to replace a lost bus pass. 

If your bus pass was REGISTERED the cost of a new bus pass will be $16. If your bus pass was NOT REGISTERED the cost of a new bus pass will be $25.  

If Registered:
Once you have retreived a buss pass from Compass (blank Presto Card with $10 on it), you will have to call Presto and ask them to transfer your funds & buss pass. This takes 24 hours. Please make sure you do not register your new buss pass that you just retrieved from Compass. Please register once the funds and HSR Upass has been transfered. 

If Non-Registered:
Go onto Presto's website and register your card. (With the $25 fee you just paid, you should have gotten your information from a CSR at Compass). Once you have registered your card , call Presto and ask them to transfer your bus pass to the new card you just received from Compass. Please register this new card once the funds and UPass has been transferred. 

Please note, damaged cards will be replaced at Compass Information Centre for no cost. A damaged card must be relinquished at the time of receiving the replacement card for no cost.

Commonly Used Bus Routes by Students

Routes from Stoney Creek/East Hamilton/Downtown to McMaster (westbound)

1A – King stops on Main Street

5C – Delaware travels through Campus

10 – B Line express stops on Main Street

51 – University travels through Campus

52 – Dundas stops on Main Street


Routes from Dundas/Ancaster/West Hamilton to McMaster (eastbound)

1A – King stops on Main Street

5A – Delaware travels through Campus

5 or 5E – Delaware stops on Main Street

10 – B Line express stops on Main Street

51 – University travels through Campus

For scheduling information, check out www.hamilton.ca/hsr/.
For general HSR information, contact 905-527-4441.


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