Peer Support OnLine

Welcome to Peer Support OnLine!
This is a service offered by the McMaster Students Union’s Peer Support Line. For the month of November, the Peer Support Line is available:
Sunday to Thursday, 7 PM to 2 AM
Friday to Saturday, 7 PM to 1 AM
By choosing to use Peer Support OnLine, you are choosing to chat with a trained peer listener. Each conversation is completely confidential within the line, except for certain instances where there may be a risk of imminent harm to yourself or others. We ask that users of the service also uphold confidentiality by not sharing this conversation publicly.
Peer Support OnLine is not a crisis intervention chat forum. IF YOU ARE IN CRISIS, please use one of the following resources, or please access your local emergency services:
-  McMaster Security Services: 905-525-9140 ext. 88 OR 905-522-4135
-  24-hour Hamilton Crisis Line (COAST): 905-972-8338
Once you have read and understood this, just click on the link below, and say hello!

Click to chat with a trained Peer Listener.

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