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  • Pronouns: she/her

  • Contact: spark@msu.mcmaster.ca

  • Program: Health Sciences, IV

  • Fun Fact: I am a two-time zuchinni slingshot champion 

  • Why Spark? Spark holds a special place in my heart! Coming into first year I was a little overwhelmed. So many people, classes and questions. Joining Spark as a student really helped me feel more at home at Mac and learn more about myself. As a Team Leader, I got to meet so many amazing individuals and really gained confidence in myself. 


  • Pronouns: he/him

  • Contact: sparkvolunteer@msu.mcmaster.ca

  • Program: Honours Life Sciences, IV

  • Fun Fact: My name means happy! 

  • Why Spark? Spark is important to me because it gives first years a space to take time away from school and meet other students. It is also an opportunity for students to be exposed to topics that may not necessarily be taught in classes, allowing them to grow as individuals and find their place at McMaster.


  • Pronouns: she/her

  • Contact: sparkevents@msu.mcmaster.ca

  • Program: Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour, III

  • Fun Fact: My favourite song is Vienna by Billy Joel, it's been my favourite song since I watched 13 Going on 30 (is that even a fun fact? I'm bad at this sorry!)

  • Why Spark? First year wasn't that long ago for me, I remember how scary and lonely it can be. With all the new challenges (academically, socially, etc.) that university brings, going through it alone can seem like an impossibly daunting task. This is what makes Spark so important. It's a service that allows first years to not have to navigate this new environment all on their own, to feel supported and introduces them to a variety of new experiences. Knowing that you have a team of Team Leaders that are there for you and want to make you feel welcomed and comfortable here, can make all the difference. I'm so excited to be a part of helping the new class transition this year.


  • Pronouns: she/her

  • Contact: sparkevents@msu.mcmaster.ca

  • Program: Health Sciences, III

  • Fun Fact: I love baking and cake decorating in my spare time!

  • Why Spark? Transitioning into first year was definitely a scary experience for me and many of my peers. Spark is a service that really helped me with that transition by providing me with a safe and inclusive environment where I was able to particpate in sessions and learn a lot of helpful information. I was able to develop a really good relationship with my Team Leaders and other Spark students which helped make my first year so much better! I am a strong believer in mentorship and support and can't wait to make a positive difference with Spark this year!


  • Pronouns: she/her

  • Contact: sparkoutreach@msu.mcmaster.ca

  • Program: Chemical Biology, III

  • Fun Fact: I literally suck at saying fun facts about myself yikes

  • Why Spark? First year can come with so many changes all around and during my first year I struggled a lot. Coming to Spark sessions and just being in such a loving and warm environment would make me so happy. My Team Leaders were so kind and always there for me! Being able to help make this transition a little easier on students is one of the reasons I love Spark so much. It is a way for me to pay it forward for all the things that people have done for me! This service holds such a special place in my heart!


  • Pronouns: she/her 

  • Contact: sparkpromo_pub@mcmaster.ca

  • Program: Health Sciences, IV

  • Fun Fact: I'm a synchronized swimmer & I really love guinea pigs

  • Why Spark? My Spark TLs were so helpful in making me feel welcome at McMaster and are still (three whole years later) people I consider my friends. I am so grateful for the community Spark gave me when I needed it and excited to create informative/helpful publications this year. 


  • Pronouns: she/her

  • Contact: sparksessions@msu.mcmaster.ca

  • Program: Health Sciences, III

  • Fun Fact: I'm double jointed in my right shoulder so when I flex I can produce an indent about the size of my thumb on my shoulder!

  • Why Spark? Spark is an organization which is super close to my heart because it truly helped me find my place at Mac and it continues to support me while I grow personally and professionally.


  • Pronouns: she/her

  • Contact: sparksessions@msu.mcmaster.ca

  • Program: Social Psych, III

  • Fun Fact: I have an extra bone in my right ankle

  • Why Spark? Spark has such a special place in my heart because it has taught me so much about the type of leader and person I want to be. The fact that I knew my Team Leaders believed in me in my first year gave me so much more confidence and I love having the opportunity to give back to first years what my Team Leader's gave to me. 

If you have any questions about Spark, or how you can get involved, please don't hesitate to reach out - any one of us would be happy to chat!


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