Mentorship Program

Did your first term at McMaster not go as planned? Are you looking to meet new people, connect with upper-year students, and find a supportive community? Our mentorship program is here to do just that! Registration for our winter 2017 mentorship program has now closed. If you missed the deadline and would still like to get involved, please email spark@msu.mcmaster.ca

What is our mentorship program?

The Spark Mentorship Program strives to connect small groups of first-year students with upper-year mentors for weekly sessions that cover a wide range of topics and activities. The program will not only help first-year students build a stronger peer support network, it will also introduce participants to a wide range of involvement opportunities. Ideally, Spark will help first-year students connect with other students, learn about campus resources, and build lifelong friendships.

What is the program’s structure?

The mentorship program spans 10 weeks, with each week exploring a unique theme. Once students register, they will be put into a group of about 10 first-year students from different backgrounds; different faculties, residences/off-campus, and programs. Each group will be paired with two upper year Team Leaders for the term. The upper-year students you connect with will also be available to support you outside of the program, as well as following its completion. Spark strives to help incoming students find a supportive community on campus by connecting them to upper-year students, and to each other.

Your group will have the same meeting time and day each week (one night between Mon-Thurs, 6:30-8pm) where you will explore a unique theme related to university success. You will have the opportunity to indicate your session night preference when registering for the program, and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule!

What themes will be discussed each week? 

Below you will find the themes and topics for Fall 2016's mentorship program! Each session, groups will meet to explore the respective theme for the week through engaging and interactive activities. Students will get to know their group and their Team Leaders throughout the term, and will find a supportive community within Spark! 

Please note that session themes may be revised for Winter 2017 based on feedback from term 1.

Week #1: Intro to Spark

Welcome to Spark! This session will introduce students to Spark’s mentorship program, their group, and their Team Leaders. This week’s session will feature a bonfire at Altitude fire pit!

Week #2: Teamwork & Compromises

Have an upcoming group project? This session will explore teamwork and collaboration! Students will have the opportunity to engage with others in different groups to complete a team activity and learn about positive teamwork habits.

Week #3: Studying & Time Management

This session will focus on improving study habits and time management just in time for midterm season! Not sure where to go if you’re stuck? We’ll be introducing students to valuable academic resources on campus.

Week #4: Discover Your City

A session not to miss! This week features an off-campus coffee shop adventure where students will navigate the HSR to get to know Hamilton with their session group.

Week #5: Support and Resilience

University is challenging. This session will explore support and resilience for personal wellness.

Week #6: Social Awareness

McMaster is a diverse place to be with students from different backgrounds and experiences. This session will explore social awareness and diversity in university!

Week #7: Getting Involved

Want to get involved? Not sure where to start? This session will help students learn about opportunities and practice their interview skills through a mock group interview!

Week #8: Goal Setting & Resources 

McMaster offers a tonne of resources to help you succeed! This session will explore these resources and help you set some goals just in time for final exams.

Week #9: Life After First-Year 

This session, we will be collaborating with Mac BreadBin to cook our very own affordable and nutritious meal with our group! We’ll be chatting about off-campus housing, finances, and more!

Week #10: Life After Spark 

Wrap up the sessions program with one final session night with your Team Leaders and friends!

Registration for our Winter 2017 cohort can be found here!

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