Women and Gender Equity Network


WGEN is the MSU Women & Gender Equity Network, a peer support driven service that caters to women, trans folk, people who identify outside the gender binary, gender non conforming folk and all survivors of sexual and gender based violence from all gender identities. WGEN provides a safe(r) space on campus in MUSC 204, it acts as a place for people to go and feel safe, talk about articles and issues in the media, make friends, and bond through common experiences. The space also has a library with a number of resources available for the McMaster community to use.

Along with facilitating our safe(r) space, we hold social events to build community, workshops to educate all folks, and campaigns to advocate and educate on behalf of and with the groups we were created to support. If you would like to keep up with the events we host throughout the year, feel free to visit us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

Curious to learn more? Check out this video to get a tour of our space & overview of what we do!


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