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Welcome and Quick Links

Maccess is a new service at McMaster this Fall. Maccess aims to build and maintain a campus that celebrates, advocates, and ensures inclusiveness in the area of disability.  We provide programming and events in an effort to establish a sense of community for those that self-identify as having disabilities or as disabled. In addition, Maccess strives to advocate on the behalf of students in a proactive and affirmative fashion and provide educational programming on and opportunities to learn about critical disability studies.

A central aspect to Maccess is the provision of peer support. Peer support is provided by trained volunteers, with lived experiences with any of the following: disability, chronic illness, mental illness, madness, mental health concerns, neurodivergence, and additional identities that are part of the larger disability rights movement.


Calendar: For upcoming events and service related deadlines!

Surveys: Provide feedback on the service and what your experience has been.

Incident Reporting: Have you experience ableism/sanism or discrimination as a result of your disability? Click on the link if you would like to fill out an anonoymous and confidential incident report or to learn more about what a report is.

Peer Support: Learn more about the different types of peer support we offer both in an outside of the space, or book a meeting with a trained volunteer.

Resources: Need support, want to learn, want someone else to explain something for you. Please check out our ever-growing and diverse resource library of books, youtube videos, podcasts, blog posts and more. 

Volunteering: Interested in what we do? Want to join the team?

Blog: Sometimes we write for the Silhouette, sometimes community members have somemthing to say, make sure to read all about it.


Acessibility Note

At Maccess accessibility is not just a buzzword but is something we are dedicated to and committed to working towards. If there is content on our website or in the space that comes with barriers to access, please let us know and we will work with you to offer the content in another format that works for you.

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