Meet the Team (2019-2020)

Maccess Coordinator (PTM)


Maccess Execs!

Training & Volunteer Coordinator: Mairen Clow (She/Her)


  • Recruiting and interviewing all volunteers for the service
  • Scheduling and coordinating volunteer shifts, training, and event support
  • Foster a supportive community of volunteers to facilitate, maintain and advertise the Maccess space and/or for necessary events
  • Plan a minimum of one (1) volunteer event (per term/semester)


Resources Coordinator: Nicole Metzger (She/Her)


  • Manages and maintains the Resources Library (mobile and hard copy)
  • Works and researches external resources to make sure students have information of all services available to them
  • Coordinating article writers/editors in the Sil (if we choose to participate)


Promotions Exec: Taylor Chinn (She/Her)


  • Distributes promotional materials for Maccess and events in a professional manner
  • Creation of promotional plans and materials for Maccess events (in collaboration with other event team, the PTM and the Underground Media + Design)
  • Keep website and social media accounts up to date
  • Maintain branding standards for Maccess and ensure all materials provided are accessible and prepared prior to the events (in collaboration with the events team). 




Logistics Coordinator: Sarah Williams-Habibi (She/Her)


  • Booking rooms and equipment for events/meetings
  • Scheduling events
  • Managing set-up and take down of events (consulting with volunteer coordinator as necessary)
  • Ensuring events are as accessible as possible and be as knowledgable as possible regarding accessibility on campus to consult with other services

Community Outreach Coordinator: Deborah Park (She/Her)


  • Communicates with other student groups/external agencies (on r off campus) to coordinate and plan for events
  • Works closely with the events team to plan, organize and facilitate accessible events.

Social and Political Advocacy Coordinator: Brigid Waddingham (She/Her)


  • Creation and implimentation of campaigns and workshops to raise awareness and advocate for positive change in areas relating to disability/ability social and political issues
  • Will work closely with the MSU and community partners to make sure events are as inclusive, appropriate and impactful as possible.
  • Update social media with articles/content relating to disability theory, the Mad movement, and/or critical analyses of social constructions of disability


Safe(r) Space Facilitators


  • Represent Maccess in a responsible, respectful, and professional manner (either in the space or when participating in the events)
  • Responsible for 3hrs of in space facilitation per week (unless otherwise discussed or told by volunteer coordinator or PTM)
  • During shifts these volunteers are also trained to provide and be available for 1 to 1 peer support
  • Volunteers (on shift) should be curators of the space; available to help others using the space access resources, make referrals and provide information (if requested), and otherwise give advice in navigating University policies. 
  • Promote campiagns/events using promotional materials provided by the exec team
  • Being an active community member, providing feedback, and otherwise being available to assist for events/training (when applicable)

Peer Support


  • All responsibilities of a safe(r) space volunteer- while also being available for any of the following
  • Peer support may be formal 1 to 1 or informal in a peer/group setting
  • Someone may request peer support at another area across campus, or outside of the Maccess space as well 
  • This could also include accompanying students to medical or other appointments at Student Wellness Centre (SWC) or Accessibility services (SAS)


Most importantly, Peer Support at Maccess relies significantly on shared lived experiences of disability. While recognizing we all have unique experiences, experience with some aspect of the disability justice movement is vital to providing peer support. 

Want to become a volunteer?! 

If it is during the MSU 'Hiring' period. You can apply on the MSU website!

Toggle over the 'Employment' tab, then click 'Available Jobs'. Once the next page loads, you will see applications for a variety of jobs (some paid, some unpaid/volunteer)- look for "MSU Maccess Peer Support Volunteers" application and apply!

*For all other inquiries please contact the Maccess Coordinator directly via email: maccess@msu.mcmaster.ca

*Please don't be shy, we love all emails from community members! 

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Calvin Prowse, Maccess Coordinator

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