Peer Support at Maccess

A central aspect to Maccess is the provision of peer support. Peer support is provided by trained volunteers, with lived experiences with any of the following: disability, chronic illness, mental illness, madness, mental health concerns, neurodivergence, and additional identities that are part of the larger disability rights movement. A formal diagnosis of a disability is not required to possess lived experience and be a good peer supporter. 

Volunteers can assist community members using the space in accessing resources as well as  provide services like peer support, information and referrals, as well as help navigating University policies. As navigating University systems can be extremely difficult, the Peer Support Volunteers  are available to offer a variety of types of peer support as well as knowledge of how to effectively navigate these structures. This could involve accompanying a community member to a Student Wellness Centre or Student Accessibility Services Appointment, or meeting them on campus to provide peer support or have a conversation outside of the Maccess Space. Within Maccess, peer support relies on a shared lived experience.

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