Club Night Policies

TwelvEighty Club Nights

McMaster Students and Guests must be 19+ to attend TwelvEighty Club Nights.

To attend a TwelvEighty Club Night you must have your McMaster Student ID with you upon entry.

Guests must be 19+ and signed in by a McMaster Student.
Only one guest may be signed in for each McMaster Student attending.

You will NOT be admitted without proper government issued identification.


Club Night Policies for All Ages Events

McMaster Students must be 18+ to attend All Ages Events at TwelvEighty

Underage guests are not permitted during these events.

TwelvEighty will follow these guidelines to insure the safety of all patrons as well as ensuring the security of the TwelvEighty liquor license

All patrons need to prove they are age of majority (18 or over) with a government issued identification card.

All patrons under the age of 19 must be McMaster students and provide their McMaster Student Card as well as government issued ID.

Before entering the club the underage patrons will undergo the following procedure:

  • TwelvEighty staff will discuss the rules and regulations with the student
  • The student will have wristbands placed on both of their wrists
  • The student will have two black X’s drawn on the backs of their hands
  • The student will forfeit their student card for the duration of the event as collateral for their behaviour over the night

Students will be able to receive their student card upon exiting the event under the following conditions:

·         Both wristbands are fully intact on their wrists

·         Both X’s are visible and have not been tampered with

·         The student has not been removed by TwelvEighty staff

Reasons why an underage student may have been removed by TwelvEighty staff

  • The student has removed their wristbands or attempted to remove the X’s on their hands
  • The student is caught either drinking an alcoholic beverage or holding an alcoholic beverage
  • The student is visibly intoxicated
  • The student is disrespecting TwelvEighty staff or property
  • The student is fighting or becoming physically violent

Any student who is denied their student card or does not pick up their student card by 2:30am must return to TwelvEighty the next day to pick up their card and discuss the TwelvEighty alcohol policy with TwelvEighty staff.


TwelvEighty has the right to deny entry or remove any patron from the TwelvEighty premises for any reason. Once a patron has been asked to leave, any resistance from the patron is considered trespassing and can be charged under the trespassing act.

The last names and student numbers of all of the students who violate these policies will be submitted to McMaster security and kept on file as the student’s first strike on campus. Any additional interactions with McMaster security can result in academic penalties.

Contact Details

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- General Inquiries: 905-525-9140 ext. 27004 ------------------- Take Out: ext. 21849

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