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How To Find Us

TwelvEighty is located in the basement of the student centre. We are directly below the arts quad, with a stairwell leading from the arts quad to our patio (this stairwell is closest to the KTH entrance on the arts quad). If you are in the student centre, the staircase beside Union Market has a sign that says 'TwelvEighty' with an arrow pointing downstairs, take that stairwell and continue going straight towards TSH and you will find our doors located on the right!

About our Venue

The total standing room capacity of TwelvEighty is 720 people, however this number reflects only events where guests are standing and mingling within our venue.

The various areas of the TwelvEighty venue are as follows:

This area is used regularly as our restaurant dining room. To rent this area during our regular business hours will greatly increase your cost because of lost business to the restaurant, but the area is available for use outside of our regular business hours. The dining room seats 112 people comfortably in booths and tables. This area also has the most ready access to our main bar.








This area is a very large open space that can be used for large mix and mingle events or sit down dinners. It features a stage area which can be used for a band, karaoke or for presentations. This area seats 120-140 comfortably at tables, about 120-140 seated in rows for presentations (with good sight lines) or about 300 standing and dancing.





Our patio is perfect for outdoor BBQ functions or get-togethers. It is equipped with a small stage and sound system for outdoor entertainment or presentations. The patio seats about 60-80 and patio umbrellas can be provided. 





Our lounge can comfortably hold 40-50 guests. This space is better suited for small groups for meet and greet type events. This space also has access to our club bar.



If you would like to use our space for your next event, contact our Management Team and we can discuss which space within our venue best suits your needs. 905-525-9140 x27004 or sm1280@msu.mcmaster.ca

Contact Details

Gabriela Rempala
- General Inquiries: 905-525-9140 ext. 27004 ------------------- Take Out: ext. 21849

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