Student Health Education Centre (SHEC)


*Pandemic Update*

As with other McMaster Student Union (MSU) services, the Student Health Education Centre (SHEC) closed on March 13th for the remainder of the school year. Please see the MSU's statement regarding this decision here.


SHEC is a peer-run health advocacy, information, and resource connection service for students at McMaster University. SHEC employs a broad definition of the term health; recognizing that wellbeing looks and feels different to each person. We strive to engage with students around health-related topics through peer support, events, campaigns, and so much more!

The free anonymous services we offer include:

  • Peer support between undergrads;
  • Help navigating resources on- and off-campus;
  • Safe(r) sex supplies: internal and external condoms, lubricants, and oral barriers;
  • Pregnancy testing (on-site and take-home urine kits) 
  • Personal health supplies: various menstrual products, band aids, ear plugs, and to-go tissue packs;
  • Nursing resources: baby lotion, diapers (1-12mo), nipple pads, a nursing pillow, a bottle warmer, and a miniature refrigerator for storing milk products;
  • Educational tools: informational pamphlets, naloxone demonstration kit, contraception models, and more;
  • An ion therapy light (great for Seasonal Affective Disorder);
  • And a lending library of books, poetry, zines, and more!

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