Research and Advocacy

All of the content below has been created by SHEC's volunteer-run Resources & Advocacy Committee and are centered around health-related topics like sexual & reproductive wellbeing, mental wellbeing, substance use, and empowered bodies!

Mainly, information is distributed through advocacy and educational campaigns. This year, the committee will likely respond to current news or university decisions regarding health topics and to advocate for care-centred approaches at a systematic level.


Check out the Resources & Advocacy Committee's latest campaigns!

STBBI & Stigma (April 2020)

Study Drugs: Uncapped (April 2020)

Join the herd! Get your flu shot (December 2019)

Sleep Campaign (April 2029)

Can I Cannabis? - All About Cannabis Use! (March 2019)

What is Harm Reduction? (December 2018)

Sexual Health - Starting a Conversation About Safe(r) Sex (April 2018)

SHEC Week - What If? (January-February 2018)

Reduce Risk - A Harm Reduction Campaign (November 2017)


Have you seen our iconic consent culture campaign?

Our most popular campaign yet highlights some common situations that students may encounter when requesting or giving consent for sexual activity.

Note the final two posters of this campaign with the taglines "A person who is passed out cannot consent to sex" and "Going to someone's room is not consenting to sex". These two graphics showcase how you can still be disappointed in the moment when consent isn't given, or is taken away, but that this should be kept to oneself to ensure that your partner(s) don't feel coerced into changing their mind(s).

After our [now retired] Sexual Health committee released these graphics in 2015, the Student Health Education Centre received thousands of messages of solidarity and support from post-secondary institutes and students across the globe!

Tagline: Someone under the influence cannot consent to sex. Text bubbles read "Wanna come over?"; "Maybe, but feeling pretty drunk right now.", followed by a thought bubble saying 'I'll wait until they're sober to invite them over/'/  Tagline: Yesterday's consent is not today's consent to sex. Text bubbles read "Yesterday was great! Round two tonight?", "No not tonight sorry!", and "No need to apologize!". Tagline: Reluctance is not consent to sex. Text bubbles read "Do you want to have sex?", "I don't know...", and "Okay! We won't do anything you're not comfortable with". Tagline: Consenting to one thing is not consenting to another. Thought bubble says "Their shirt is off! I'm going to get laid!", followed by text bubbles reading "I don't want to have sex though." and "That's cool!".  Tagline: A person who is passed out cannot consent to sex. Text bubble reads "You know what I want to do to you?", followed by snoring sounds (zzz) and another bubble saying "Hmph, get you a pillow evidently.". Tagline: Going to someone's room is not consenting to sex. Text bubbles saying "Lets go watch a movie in my room..." , "Okay, just a move this time.", followed by a thought bubble reading "Guess I won't be having sex tonight...".


Have feedback on one of our campaigns?

All of our work is created by student volunteers with students in mind, so if you see something that doesn't sit right with you - just let us know! Email us at shecresearch@msu.mcmaster.ca or shec@msu.mcmaster.ca and we'll do our best to update or correct the information, if not remove it altogether.

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