Resource Hub

Welcome to the Resource Hub!

Here, you will find information regarding mental health resources available in various communities. These are meant to provide students with options of seeking support in their hometowns - as well as in Hamilton - and is especially useful for finding resources that may be more accessible to students who commute!

Current communities available on the hub include:

You may also find a list of General Resources (ex: phonelines) here.

As well, shec out our more recent list of resources that students can easily access if they're around campus or staying in Hamilton for the summer!

Please note:

The Student Health Education Centre (SHEC) is aware that the Resource Hub needs to undergo several important updates. Recognizing that many students will not be living in Hamilton during the online semester(s), the 2020 - 2021 executive team has identified this as a priority for the service moving forward. Further, the team will aim to introduce more communities from across Ontario to the hub as well.

If you have any specific recommendations for updates, feel free to send us an email at shec@msu.mcmaster.ca or shecresearch@msu.mcmaster.ca! We would love any feedback you have to offer including whether we oversaw any resources or communities, and if any of the listed resources should be removed (i.e. for oppressive policies).

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