Emergency First Response Team (EFRT)

Unfortunately, EFRT volunteers will not be on campus to respond to calls in Fall 2020. We will be reassessing the re-opening of our services throughout the semester.

In case of emergency, please call security services at (905-522-4135) and they will direct you to the appropriate emergency services.

For additional health resources, visit here for more information. 

EFRT is now hiring! To access our application please select surveys on the menu on the lefthand side. For more information, visit Become a Member.

The McMaster Students Union Emergency First Response Team (EFRT) is a group of approximately 30 student volunteers who provide emergency medical services to the McMaster Campus, with an average response time of 2-3 minutes. All responders are certified Emergency Medical Responders, with more senior members being trained in International Trauma Life Support (ITLS), and Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS).

The EFRT is available 24/7 throughout the academic year except Thanksgiving, Easter, the Holiday Break, and both Reading Weeks.

During the summer, EFRT is operational Monday to Friday from 9:00AM - 5:00PM (except on statutory holidays).

If the EFRT is called, a team of three responders carrying various medical equipment will be dispatched to your location through Campus Security.  When on scene, responders are trained to assess many different situations including musculoskeletal and soft-tissue injuries, airway and breathing compromises, intoxication or drug related emergencies, diabetic emergencies, cardiac arrest, and many more.  If further medical attention is required, the EFRT will contact Hamilton EMS or advise patients to visit the Urgent Care Center.  Although the EFRT deals with patients in many different states and situations, the EFRT is a strictly confidential service.

How to Call Us:

The EFRT can be activated in multiple ways:

  • By dialing "88" from any campus phone

  • Directly calling a McMaster Security Dispatcher at 905 522 4135 on any cellphone

  • Contacting Security Services through the red emergency poles located around campus

  • Using the McMaster University Security Service and Transportation (MUSST) app, which is available to download on your smartphone

  • Visiting the EFRT office located in the McMaster University Student Centre room 103, to the right of the Compass










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