1. When is the next available Standard First Aid and CPR course?

Please check the course dates here or the calendar here.

2. How much does each course cost?

Please look here for information about our pricing.

3. How long does the course take?

CPR courses are scheduled to last 8 hours, Emergency First Aid courses last 8 hours, and Standard First Aid courses last 16 hours. Traditionally, however, our courses run shorter than the allotted time, but it varies course to course based on the number of participants.

3. Is the course I want to take full?

To find out if a course is full, contact MSU accounting at (905) 525 9140 x27301. Courses are capped depending on the size of the room, as is generally around 30 participants.

4. Who can take a course?

Everyone is welcome to take our first aid and CPR courses! It is not required to be a student at McMaster - friends, family, and members of the community are encouraged to register!

5. I am required to take a First Aid Course by my employer or faculty. Will a McMaster EFRT course meet those requirements?

Yes! As an Authorized Provider of the Canadian Red Cross, McMaster EFRT teaches courses approved by the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

6. Do I qualify for a recertification course?

To qualify for a recertification course, you must have a valid Red Cross certification. It did not need to be originally provided by the EFRT, but any authorized provider of a Canadian Red Cross course.  If your certification has expired, you are not eligible for a recertification. If you received your certification from another provider (St. Johns, LSS,etc.) you are not eligible for a recertification course offered by the EFRT. You may not change the type of training or level of CPR in a recertification course.

7. I lost my Red Cross Certification Card, what can I do?

If you received your first aid or CPR training from the EFRT and it has not expired, you may request a new certification card. Please email the EFRT Assistant Director (efr​tasst@msu.mcmaster.ca) with the following information:

Your Name:

Date of Course: (The date written on your card)

Name of Instructor:

Type of Course: (Standard First Aid, Emergency First Aid, or CPR/AED)

Level of CPR-training: (C or HCP?) 

The EFRT First Aid Coordinator will check our records to verify your information and arrange a time for you to pick up our card. A replacement card costs $15.00 for a CPR card, $20.00 for an Emergency First Aid card, and $30.00 for a Standard First Aid card.  Cash will be accepted upon pickup of your new card.

8. My Red Cross certification recently expired. Can I still take a recertification course?

According the Canadian Red Cross guidelines, once your card has expired, you are required to take the full course over again. There is no longer a grace period.

9. Should I take CPR Level C or HCP?

CPR-HCP is intended for healthcare providers and contains much more information than basic CPR-C, such as modified jaw thrust for spinal injuries, assisted respirations, use of a bag-valve mask (BVM), pulse checks and more. It is generally more complicated. We recommend that you take HCP only if required by your workplace, program, organization, or intend to tryout for the Emergency First Response Team (EFRT) as it is required for the orientation process. For those not required to take level HCP and not entering a health care field, we recommend level C as it is less complicated, easier to learn, and more likely to be followed in the event of an emergency.

10. None of the listed course dates work for me. Do I have any alternatives?

If none of the listed course dates work for you, then please contact the First Aid Coordinator to try to find an alternative. Additional or private courses may be available.

11. A group of my friends, co-workers, or peers would like to take a course together.  Is there an option for arranging a private course?

Absolutely! We can make additional classes for small groups at flexible dates and times, depending upon instructor availability. Please contact the First Aid Coordinator for more information on setting up a private course.

12. I can no longer attend the course I registered for. Can I get a refund?

Our cancellation policy, as found in the Course Dates and Registration page, is as follows:

Cancellation Policy: Participants are only eligible for a full refund if the cancellation is made at least one week in advance of the course start time. After this date, participants can only receive a refund for half the course value, or schedule a new course at half of the course value.

Please ensure that you contact the MSU General Accounting office (905-525-9140 x27301) prior to the one-week deadline during their regular office hours.

Please keep in mind that if you miss a course with no prior notice, we will not be able to provide you with any reimbursements.

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