Incident Reports

Incident Reporting is taken quite seriously at the PCC. We strive to make campus comfortable for everyone and the involvement of students on campus is imperative to it's success. If you encounter a situation where you feel as though you’ve been discriminated against on the grounds of gender & sexuality, (or for any other reason for that matter), click the link below and send a confidential report to the Coordinator. 

Reports are generally used in a year end report to both the MSU and Campus Security. Your voice matters, your opinions matter, and any incident, no matter how small or trivial it may seem is worth reporting.

People Involved:  You don’t have to be specific, a general outline will do, unless it is imperative a name is mentioned.
General Outline of the Incident:  A brief, detailed account of the incident is all we need

Remember, we don’t need your name, or any contact info, everything is as private as we can make it for your safety and well being.

If you require further support, or would like your issue addressed in a more direct fashion, we are happy to accompany you to the Equity and Inclusion Office to meet with an advisor, assist you in finding supports, or connect you with one of our many peer support volunteers. 

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Drew Lu-McLean - PCC Coordinator
905-525-9140 ext. 27397

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