SRA By-Elections

The Student Representative Assembly (SRA), is the governing body of the MSU, composed of 35 undergraduate students elected by their peers, inside each academic faculty. Together, they work to provide the best possible MSU services and departments, represent and address the concerns of undergraduate students, and lobby the University to improve McMaster’s academic quality. There is one seat open on SRA Commerce, and one seat open on SRA Kinesiology.

Visit msumcmaster.ca/sra to learn more. 

SRA By-Election Results

The votes have closed and the results have been ratified by the Elections Committee. The results of the candidates are available below. 

Voter turnout for the 2018 October SRA By-Election was 9.3% for the faculty of Business, and 39.4% for the Department of Kinesiology, with 617 students voting in total.

Results are not official until the appeals process has been exhausted. 

SRA Commerce: Cole Reesor 

SRA Kinesiology: David Benzon

Thank you to everybody who voted!

The full breakdown of the results can be found in the PDF below. Due to an accidental human error, the ballot was run using a preferential voting method instead of a plurality one (re: Bylaw 10 -- Elections 7.2). The results, however, remains valid as the candidates elected had recieved the most votes in the first round of voting. 

Voter Breakdown

Results are not official until the appeals process has been exhausted. All candidates have five business days to appeal their fines and contest the results. Notice and grounds for appeal shall be submitted in writing to the Returning Officers no later than 4:30PM, five business days after the Elections Committee's ruling. Appeals will be heard first by the Elections Committee. Subsequent appeals will be heard by the Electoral Appeal Board. Decisions of the Electoral Appeal Board are final.

The formal minutes of the Election Committee's SRA by-election fines meeting will be uploaded once finalized and ratified by the Elections Committee. 


SRA By-Election Candidates 


Candidate About  Campaign Pages 
Cole Reesor  Hi everyone! My name is Cole Reesor and I am in my 4th year Honours Bachelor of Commerce. I would like to bring both experience and enthusiasm to the Student Representative Assembly! I have been involved in several clubs and intramural sports at McMaster over my four years and would like to apply my work ethic to the SRA. I am committed to attending biweekly meetings to represent commerce students in the SRA Commerce caucus. I will do my best to provide an excellent service to all commerce students at McMaster.  
Falak Shoaib    
Obaidulla Osmani    


Candidate About  Campaign Pages 
David Benzon

Truly we are a unique program - one that requires a unique voice. I am committed to integrating C.A.S.T in Kinesiology.

Collaborate with our stakeholders to develop an Alumni Mentorship Program

Advocate for Kin student space in the newly upcoming SAB. 

Student feedback and recognition prioritization 

Transcend MSU resources and services to the Kin forefront. 

Let’s do the real heavy lifting – lifting your voice. Remember, David B for the Kinmunity.


Farseema Delgosha

As SRA kin rep I would work towards improving the mentorship program to build a strong network of support between students, as well as running social events and creating a kinesiology lounge.

Manpreet Chopra  Working hard on your behalf, listening to your ideas and doing everything in my power to make your voices heard. Ensuring that Kinesiology gets the recognition it deserves by having a Kin lounge at IWC. Encouraging for more access to research and career opportunities. Advocating for the release of practice examinations to help with Kin courses. Promoting for additional facility upgrades so that Kin students can have the most blessed environment to succeed. Striving to facilitate deeper interactions among Kin students throughout the faculty. Facebook
Rishi Shah Hey everyone! My platform points revolve around: Kin Lounge, Career Exposure, Kin Tutors, and Course Reviews. My goal is to create more avenues for Kinesiology students to support and interact with each other. Facebook



Important Dates

Nomination Period: October 15, 2018 - October 23, 2018 | Nominations close at 5 PM

All Candidates Meeting: October 23, 2018 | Gilmour Hall Room 111 at 6 PM

Campaigning Period: October 25, 2018 - October 30, 2018 | Starts at 12 PM

Polling Date(s): October 29 - October 30, 2018 | Polling ends at 5 PM

Nomination Papers

To be nominated, please read over the package carefully and return the completed Nomination Package to the McMaster Students Union Office (MUSC 201) by October 23rd at 5 PM.

The Expense Declaration Sheet must be completed in full and handed in by 5 PM on October 29th.

The Nomination Package can be found by clicking the link below, or by visiting the McMaster Students Union Office (MUSC 201).

Documents include:

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