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The MSU Course Wiki is a service provided by the MSU Macademics to undergraduate students, and acts as an editable database of courses offered at McMaster University. It is designed to give students access to more information about courses ahead of time, and to help students plan and decide which courses are best for them. 

The MSU Course Wiki provides a breakdown of courses and provides helpful information such as course content, teaching pedagogy, required materials, student comments, and more. You can search through courses (at the top-left of the page), or you can browse departments or faculties. 

This course wiki is entirely student-run. All courses and content are from students, and approved by student editors. In order to add or edit the contents of a page, one must be a current McMaster student, logged into the MSU website via a MacID. Although we do not and cannot guarantee accuracy for information, our student editors ensure that content is suitable and factual to the best of our abilities. 

If you have any issues with accessing or moderating courses, or any questions regarding the MSU Course Wiki, please contact the Course Wiki Coordinator, Zahra Syed, at

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