The MSU Course Wiki is a web-based service that is provided, as a courtesy to students, by the McMaster Students Union (MSU) at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. It is available for use by students within the McMaster University community.
Only current registered students are granted access to modifying the content of the Wiki pages. All changes and comments must be accepted by a moderator who holds an executive position in a Faculty or Program Student Society. However, the information provided in the Course Wiki pages are not intended to replace, supersede, or supplement the information presented in the university's Undergraduate Calendar, Course Timetable, course syllabi (outlines), information provided by the course instructors, or information provided by any academic counselling office. Students should not be relying exclusively on the information contained in the Sci Wiki pages to select their courses and modules, design their schedules, assess the difficulty of a course, or predict their performance in a course. Students are reminded that the Undergraduate Calendar and the course syllabi are THE official sources of information. In the event of a discrepancy between Course Wiki information and the official sources of information, the latter shall prevail.
The MSU and McMaster University bear no responsibility for any issues, such as but not limited to lost marks, missed evaluations, or poor course performance, that may arise from your use or interpretation of the contents provided in the Course Wiki pages. By using this service, you acknowledge that you are releasing the McMaster Students Union and McMaster University from any liability that may arise from your use of this service.