Commenting Guide

The comments section is a valuable opportunity for students to provide a more personal recount of their experience in a specific course, with a specific professor.

That being said, comments will only be accepted if they are wholly respectful in nature, and aim to be constructive. For example, a professor may be described as moving through material slowly, but not as being bumbling or easily distracted.

Further, comments may never comment on any traits beyond those directly associated with the learning environment of the class. There is no valuable way to describe the fashion sense of a professor. With this in mind, there is a zero tolerance policy for comments which evaluate the personal merit or intelligence of a professor. 

An example of a valuablecomment:

“During the first few lectures of 2XX3, Dr. Z went a bit faster than/ I had expected. However, when we reached much more challenging material in week 5, she consciously slowed down and made a point of doing many examples and answering a large number of questions. If you don’t like classes with work done on a chalk board, this isn’t the class for you.”

An example of a comment lacking value:

“Run far away. Dr. Z speaks with an accent and burns through material without any consideration for her students. Many students drop out of his course by the third lecture, and most of those who attempt to stick it out regret the decision.”

Here you can see person makes assumptions about the professor’s care for her students, targets her accent, and fear mongers by mentioning high dropout rates. None of these things are acceptable in a comment.